Personal Statement

p>Personal statements are typical nightmares for our customers. The only instructions or prompts provided for some are to convey a sense of unique personality within a few hundred words.

For others, a very specific question is presented that must be answered in just the right way, for the candidate to have any chance at admission. The importance of this paper often causes many students to falter, but our professional writers are ready to help meet the challenge.

Our professional writers can work individually with each customer to help fashion a personal statement correctly directed to the admissions board of their choice. When working together in this manner, writers may request more information from their customers than is required in other areas, such as research writing or term papers.

Educational goals

• Schools attended
• Programs studied
• Intended program
• Preferred schools

General experience

• Significant childhood memories (generally speaking – identifying names, etc. would not be required)
• Major local or world events that had personal effect
• Significant recent events