The Third Plate book

Instructions:  Questions below to answer.

  • If we want to be ethical eaters, what questions should we ask about our food?  Be specific and try not to simply repeat what others have already said. (Please give personal answer)
  • Miguel Medialdea asks Barber “What’s natural anymore?” (From The Third Plate Book) What is truly natural in our contemporary world? Be specific. (Please give personal answer as well).
  • What do you think of the following statement from Dan Barber? “True cuisine . . . is the foundation of culture. It determines a way of life.  We are as complex—or as monotone—as the foods we grow and consume.”
  • Glenn Roberts tells Barber that he sent him Eight Row corn to make him a “beacon.” He says “you’re the little light I put down in the darkness.” What does he mean by this?
  • How do you feel about humankind after reading the last two chapters of Barber’s book? Be specific and use quotes from the text to back up your answers.



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