The popular perception of tantra is that it is all about sex. Is this reasonable? Why does tantra focus so much on the body?

highlighted:please use the page number when do the reference. You must respond to the provided resuorces, and you must indicate what you are going to talk about (i.e. through a title and a very brief introduction) Referencing is expected when and where appropriate (in-text method + bibliographic entry is fine) Please use the readings i provided,response to them,and each reference refer to one or more source please. The first souce information is “Flood, Gavin. 2000. “The Purification of the Body,” in D.G. White, Tantra in Practice, pp.509-520.” and the second source information isGupta, Sanjukta. 2000. “The Worship of K?l? According to the To?ala Tantra,” in D.G. White, Tantra in Practice, pp.463-488.

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