The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks

Assignment: Read the poem write Written in the 3rd person. 500-750 words Focus on TONE, IRONY, AND SYMBOLISM thesis and analysis about the meaning or analysis of the poem/s. Focus on TONE, IRONY, AND SYMBOLISM. What do you think the poet is trying to tell us about the human condition. Remember, you must analyze. Your thesis should tell the reader these FOUR things: 1. What poem/s you are writing about; 2. which elements you will analyze; 3. why they are important to the meaning of the poem; and 4. what you think the poet(s) is/are trying to say about the human condition. DO NOT SPEND THE ENTIRE ESSAY JUST PARAPHRASING THE POEM. Think about the meaningfulness of these poems to help guide your analysis. Remember, poems are not to be read in a literal way. That is, EVERYTHING in the poem/s is/are symbolic and meant to represent or symbolize something about the human condition.

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