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need about 10 questions(10 sentences will be fine) to do the survey and focus on group. Based on the business project proposal. 

about the consumers’ attitude towards KFC and healthy food 

Business Project Proposal





Business Project Proposal


Kentucky Fried Chicken and its agencies are facing a problem in that its products are not healthy. There is also a gradual change in the attitude of individuals toward fast foods, and they want the products to be healthy. Despite the above situation, there is an opportunity for KFC to improve the situation. The means of improving is by launching healthy food options that will improve the satisfaction of the customers. Therefore, the following discussion is a proposal for the business project that will aid the firm in launching the health food options, which will improve the satisfaction of the customers.

A brief market background

As per the prevailing information, Colonel Harland Sanders started KFC. He was a business person and began selling fried chicken in his restaurant based at Corbin, Kentucky. The market started expanding overseas, and during 1987, it became the primary Western restaurant series to open its operations in China. Regarding the target market for KFC, it utilizes the demographic segmentation to serve its customers according to their needs and wants. The firm also used to serve a similar menu globally, meaning that it was using the undifferentiated market targeting strategy (Dixon, 2012). The problem that KFC is facing currently is that its products are considered not to be healthy. The attitude of the people toward fast foods is also changing gradually, and they want the products to be healthy. As a result, the firm has to launch options for healthy foods which will aid in improving the satisfaction of its customers.

The proposed question that the project aims to address is, what are the available healthy food options that can be launched by KFC to improve the satisfaction of its customers? The project aims to identify, research, and make information available regarding the available food options for KFC, which will aid in improving the satisfaction of its customers. The specific research objectives to be addressed are providing information regarding the available health food options that the firm may launch. The other objective is to aid the firm in improving the satisfaction of the customers by meeting their needs. There is also an objective of enabling the firm to gain the loyalty of its customers by ensuring that they are highly satisfied.

The marketing theories to be referred to and be used

Basic marketing theory indicates that for sales maximization, the organization needs to position its services and products in the market in a way that the customers will believe that they require a particular product or service needed have some benefits. Consistency theory is among those that will be referred to and used. The theory stipulates that whenever our inner systems that comprise of attitudes, beliefs, and values support each other, the customers are likely to be the comfort and contented, (Stern, 2009). Therefore, the project will be seeking to align the above aspects so that the customers will be satisfied. The other theory is the extended self. As per this theory, the possessions reflect the identity of the one that is possessing them. Therefore, the undertaking will seek to understand the manner that the above aspect will shape the needs and identity of the consumers. The theory of planned behaviour(s) is also essential. It postulates that intentions toward consumption might be predicted with a lot of accuracies.

Source, collecting and analyzing the data

The most notable source of information will be the target market of KFC. Some customers have been consuming the products of this firm before the occurrence of the problem. Therefore, these individuals will be essential sources of information, and the project will mainly focus on them. The proposed method for data collection will be surveys and descriptive research (Blair, 2013). The descriptive research will entail gathering primary data by conducting direct communication with the respondents. It will also entail focusing on a given group of consumers. The appropriate data analysis method will be a narrative analysis. It is appropriate in analyzing content from descriptive researches or even surveys. The source of information, method of collecting and analyzing data will aid the firm to achieve the overall benefit of improving the satisfaction of its customers, which will increase consumption and high returns.


The notable aspect concerning the project is its cost-effectiveness. It does not intend to consume a lot of time and resources. There is also an increased likelihood that it will address the issue that is being experienced by KFC. By addressing the matter, the firm will be at a point of embarking to its earlier performance where it has been gaining a lot of customer loyalty through increased levels of satisfaction. Therefore, the approval of this proposal will not only be beneficial at the individual level but also for the firm and its consumers.


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