Need an research paper on on passion and self-growth. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on on passion and self-growth. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on on passion and self-growth. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. I strongly believe in her statement as my journey in life has been filled with notable experiences derived from reading various books. Before my passion for reading is developed, I must admit that I was first obsessed with the stories my mom untiringly tells me before retiring to bed. Then, the exciting part of deciphering the meaning of the simple words on my earliest books came. Before I know it, I have become a voracious reader whose interests range from culture, sociology, and literature. Reading has sparked my curiosity and invites me to seek the mysteries of life.

My passion for reading has hugely enhanced my intellect. Whenever I open a book, I often see myself unlocking a treasure box which will bring me into other places, provides me a glimpse of other cultures, and conveys me a wealth of knowledge. It is amazing to know that every book shares its unique story. No matter how simple, each book offers and adds new ideas. Reading has enriched my intellect by bringing me to the world of Shakespeare, Milton, Julius Cesar and even as far as Aristotle’s and Homer’s. Reading introduced me to the radical ideas of Karl Marx, the different worlds explored by Gulliver, and the persistence of Helen Keller. Books broaden my horizons by adding new words to my vocabulary, polishing my grammar, and enabling me to find ways to communicate my ideas. My passion for reading enlightens me with knowledge and ushers me from the darkness of ignorance.

Reading a book the second or third time does not diminish the knowledge that it offers. Being a passionate reader, I have discovered that it is not the writer which conveys and creates meaning in his or her compositions but in fact, the reader constructs his own comprehension of the material is strongly influenced by his background and experiences. Thus, I never really get tired of reading a single book over and over again as the knowledge it imparts varies each time.

Aside from shaping me intellectually, reading also furthers my emotional development. As a thinking and feeling being, a story moves me and fills me with different kinds of emotion. I believe that the most important thing that my passion for reading brought me is the capability to understand the emotions of other people. Reading often requires empathy and putting one’s self in the character’s shoes. With this, I have developed the ability to accept, understand, and share the joys and sorrows of the people around me. I credit to my passion for reading the rapport I maintain with my social circles.

I can say that my passion for reading is the largest contributor to my personal development. Books enrich and stimulate my mind while keeping me in touch with my emotional side. Reading has taught me the greatest lessons in life. I must stress that Denis Diderot identifies only great passions which can elevate the soul to great things. Considering all the things that my passion for reading accomplished in me, then, I can say that it must be the greatest passion a human can be blessed.

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