MMCS261 Photo Media begin with photographs assignment

MMCS261 Photo Media begin with photographs assignment

MMCS261 Photo Media

Research Essay Topics

Research Essay (40%)Due date: Sunday 12th November 11:59pm

Submit to turnitin only (through link on ilearn). No hardcopy submission is required.

Your essay should demonstrated wide reading and in-depth critical analysis. You are expected to draw upon the weekly readings that relate to your chosen essay topic as well as at least academic sources from beyond the required and recommended readings. You must stay within 10% of the 2000 word count. Your reference list is not included in the word count. On the first page please include the following:
–          Your tutor’s name
–          Your name
–          Your chosen essay question

Write a 2000 word (plus references) research essay on one of the following topics:

1)    According to John Tagg, photography has no intrinsic identity but rather its “status as a technology varies with the power relations which invest it”(2003, 259). Discuss this claim with reference to one of the following photographic practices: photojournalism, crime or police photography or archiving.

2)    At the start of Sadness William Yang begins by saying “All my performances begin with photographs. First I take the slides, which I push around on my lightbox, then the words come.” Discuss the relationship between photography, spoken narrative and autobiography in Yang’s Sadness.

3)    Is it important to consider gender in relation to the history and practice of photography? Your answer should consider a specific historical moment or genre of photography.

4)    According to Melissa Miles, “street photography is circulating in ever more limited fields” (2015, 290). Discuss this claim with reference to both the history of street photography and to contemporary debates about privacy and photography in public spaces.

5)    According to Catherine Lumby we are living in “a time of profound moral panic about the boundaries between childhood and adulthood” (2010, n.p.) With reference to the work of Sally Mann or Bill Henson, critically discuss contemporary anxieties about the representation of children in photography.

6)    WJT Mitchell describes landscape as a ‘social hieroglyph that conceals the actual basis of its value . . . by naturalizing its conventions and conventionalizing its nature’ (Landscape and Power, 1994,5). Consider this claim in relation to two examples of Australian landscape photography.

7)    Amelia Jones argues that the photographic self-portrait “simultaneously, tantalizingly, both gives and takes the subject from us” (2002, 972). Discuss this claim in relation to two examples of photographic self-portraiture.

8)    Susie Lindfield insists that “photojournalists are responsible for the ethics of showing, but we are responsible for the ethics of seeing” (2011, 60).  Discuss this claim in relation to contemporary photojournalism. Your essay must refer to one or two specific examples of photojournalism.

MMCS261Photo Media

Assessment Criteria for Research Essay (40%)

There are three sets of criteria that are assessed in essays: reading and research; argument and analysis; and writing and structure. Within each of these sets, markers are looking for the following:

Reading and research:

–          evidence of critical engagement with set course materials
–          evidence of independent reading of appropriate academic material
–          evidence of thorough research (books, journals, media sources, archives – not random websites and wikipedia entries)

Argument and analysis:

–          well-articulated and well supported argument
–          evidence of critical thinking (through taking a position in relation to key ideas from the course, and supporting this position)
–          evidence of relational thinking (through making connections between key ideas from the course and wider literature, and supporting these connections)

Writing and structure:

–          clear, logical and coherent structure
–          clarity of expression
–          adequate referencing

It is in your interest to use the following as a checklist before submitting your essay:


·         Does the essay have a clear introduction, body and conclusion?           ☐
·         Does the introduction outline the points of the body of your essay?       ☐

Written Expression

·         Is the language clear, concise and appropriate to an academic essay? ☐
·         Is your punctuation correct?                                               ☐
·         Are your apostrophes where they should be and nowhere else?           ☐

MMCS261 Photo Media begin with photographs assignment 代写

·         Do you refer to the set readings in your essay?                         ☐
·         Does the essay demonstrate thorough research and reference to appropriate academic material beyond the set readings?                              ☐


·         Does the essay present a coherent and well-supported argument?      ☐
·         Is there evidence of critical engagement with the set course material?       ☐


·         Is the essay referenced correctly using the Harvard Style?                    ☐
·         Is the list of works cited presented adequately?                       ☐
·         Have you proof-read it?                                               ☐
·         Is the topic/question, along with the title and author of essay clearly stated at the top of the first page?                                      ☐
·         Is it double spaced?                                                      ☐
·         Have you used 12 point font size?                                       ☐

MMCS261 Photo Media begin with photographs assignment

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