Legal Professional Interview

Interview a legal professional in the CRIMINAL justice field. 
This person should be an attorney who represents criminal defendants OR the State of Florida OR a judge who currently presides in a criminal courtroom. 
I would suggest preparing 10-15 questions for the person before the interview and recording the interview if possible. 
Please then draft a 2-3 page paper outlining your interview and your impressions. 
The questions should be based on the professional’s opinions and experiences with the criminal justice field today. 
Use the Bach novel to help you establish questions, i.e. is your experience similar/different from the experiences described in the novel and how?

The final paper should be at least 750 words, APA format but with a lot of flexibility to allow you to document the interview in the style you feel comfortable. 
Please use citations if you have any outside resources, including the Bach book.

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