Leader You Admire Most : Barack Obama

People are deceitful, demanding, and desperately fickle. As a response, deceit, lies, and malice punctuate the character of most individuals. However, every once in a while, there comes about a person that swims against the tide: They possess a stunningly clean record and advocate for the unpopular stances. Furthermore, they are lined with a charming character that endears them to most people. The world seldom witnesses such remarkable attributes in politicians. As a result, all of them are held in high regard. Barack Obama fits the bill for an admirable person. His character, achievements, and devotion to his family make him my most admirable figure.

Barack Obama’s character is often beyond reproach. His charm and eloquence; coupled with a non- confrontational attitude towards naysayers, endeared him to many people (Debenedetti). There are several instances where Obama’s character stood the tests of admiration. For example, his campaign slogan was relatable and undiscriminating. From the onset, Obama understood that he was vying against the racial tension in America, as a response, his campaign strategy included his unconditional appeal for the support from all races in the country (Debenedetti). On one occasion, Obama holds up the umbrella for staffers on a rainy day in Washington. This is a show of humility that is uncharacteristic of the United States political class.

The achievements of Barack Obama are unparalleled in America’s political history. Primarily, he was the first black president (D’Antonio 20). This is observed as a culmination of the struggles of Martin Luther King Junior, and Malcolm X. Furthermore, his unorthodox approach to local and foreign policies was remarkable Obama brokered a deal with Iran, a previous enemy of the United States. Additionally, his nuclear dissolution policy extended an olive branch to North Korea and Russia (D’Antonio 102). Besides, he signed into law the veterans’ act that increased funding for the veterans program; putting an end to a long- inconclusive debate on veteran welfare. The apex of Obama’s achievements is the recalling of American troops from Afghanistan. The move was praised by both sides of America’s political divide.

Ultimately, Barack Obama’s devotion to his family concludes his phenomenal career. He is the first United States president to serve two consequent terms without a sex scandal (Carotenuto). The seat of the presidency has long been plagued with accusations of extramarital affairs; However, Obama’s administration was devoid of any allegations. On the contrary, his devotion to his wife and daughters became the embodiment of true leadership. He publicly displayed his affection for his wife and daughters. Furthermore, Obama openly discussed his African roots; He made conscious efforts to keep in touch with his Kenyan relatives (Carotenuto). Moreover, his handling of family issues was admirable. He openly castigated and mitigated stories that involved his daughters’ misdemeanor. Such events are a culmination of what true parenting and devotion to family entail.

The world is a deceitful and fickle as is the character of most people. However, some individuals veer away from the status quo. A good example is Barack Obama. Primarily, his character is impeccable. He is charming and tolerant of different races and stances. Secondly, Obama’s achievements are diverse and plausible; he developed unorthodox foreign policies and signed landmark bills into law. Lastly, Obama is best known for his devotion and love for his family. There are numerous instances where the former US president exemplifies the model son and husband. These attributes and many others make Obama the greatest and most admirable person of all time.

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