Job Shadow Summary

Submit a summary of your job shadowing experience using the following outline. Be specific and relate what you saw and did with the contents of the course. College-level writing is expected. This assignment is an excellent opportunity for photos and online extras (Google earth, land images…). 

Job shadowing summary sheet        CSS 310 Forage Production

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to have hands-on experience

with the production of forage during the term the course is taken.

The summary should be 2-3 pages covering the experience.  What was done? 

What was the reasons/purpose of the tasks

What was the desired outcome?  Were there glitches or unanticipated problems?  

Connect the job shadow with topics presented in the course. 

Your summary should be thorough and specific.  

Student name ___________________________________________

Date of job shadowing experience ____________________________

Business name ___________________________________________

Supervisor/job shadowing host ______________________________

Contact information for verification __________________________

Signature of supervising/host of job shadowing experience. ______________________

Hours completed _________________________________________

Summarize the work watched/experienced.

What role did you play in the work completed?

What did you learn about the task and its purpose?

How does the task relate to forages?

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