Intrapraneurship: Making the Business Cas

skills relevant to gaining agreement from others
Your task is to write a research plan that would demonstrate your level of skills relevant to gaining agreement from others, by convincing an organisation’s Board to approve the cost of employees being given time away from their normal duties to conduct the research that you are proposing.

Intrapraneurship: Making the Business Case. 
As a part of this assessment, please complete the micro-credential: Intrapraneurship: Making the Business Case. This credential is designed to assist you with convincing a board to approve the cost of employees being given time away from their normal duties to conduct the research.

Intrapraneurship: Making the Business Case

Assessment Task 3
Briefing note Individual Assessment Task 3
This task worth 40%
4,000 words: Submit your assignment to Turnitin any time before midnight on 21/10/19

Contents list must include:
·         Introduction
• The research problem and research question and why it is important to this business
• Which of the 4 primary practices discussed in What Really Works your research project is most closely relevant to, and why
• Literature review
• Methodology
• Likely data that will be obtained and analysed
• Likely findings and their importance
• Estimated cost in terms of time and finances
·         Appendix with interview questions or survey items or observation protocols
·         Note: the interview questions, or survey items, or observation protocols must be your original work: you cannot use a set of questions or a survey that has been used in previous research
Remember, your central goal is to present a research plan that is so clearly important and likely to lead to success that top management in the business will be convinced to spend money implementing the plan (i.e. carrying out the research). Much of being convincing and credible will rely on the details you present in the methodology section: how you will collect and analyse data.
A partially written exemplar will be provided in class to help you understand what is required by this task.
The rubric for this assignment is provided below; and you will also be able to see the rubric on speedgrader:

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