Human Rights and Global Justice

Human Rights and Global Justice:  Analytic Essay 2


In a properly formatted essay (introduction, thesis statement, complete textual analysis, conclusion), answer the following questions.

Both Held and Teeple offer criticisms of the classical liberal understanding of human nature that underlies the standard interpretation of human rights.

First: with reference to both Held’s essay and the relevant sections of Teeple’s book, reconstruct, in your own words, their main objections to that conception of individuality.

Second: again with reference to Held’s essay and Teeple’s book, explain the implications of their criticisms of this conception of individuality for their evaluation of human rights as tools to achieve social justice.  Be sure to note any relevant differences between Held and Teeple.

Third:  Does Donnelly’s defence of the social democratic welfare state provide a convincing counterargument to Held’s and Teeple’s criticisms, or do they make a sound case that achieving social justice requires more radical social changes?

Explain your reasoning and support your conclusion with evidence from the relevant texts and examples of your own choosing.

All citations should be formally referenced in a style of your choosing (APA, etc.)

Secondary research is not required, but it is also not forbidden.  If you use secondary literature, including any on-line sources, be sure to reference it.

Formal references to the lectures are not required, but do not just mechanically repeat my words.  If you draw on the lecture materials, think them through on your own and reconstruct them in your own words.

The paper should be approximately 2000 words, double spaced, using 12 point font.


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