Its few hours remaining to the deadline of your illustration essay and you still don’t’ have a clue on how to write an illustrative easy? Don’t worry, below are the outline, tips, and checklist that will not only help you to write your essay but also act a reference for your future work.


Most academic essays will require you to write an illustration essay through reasoning and the use of Illustrations. In simple terms, an illustrative essay requires you to write by illustrations or examples rather than to tell. It often requires the use of illustration to support your statements. For example, after studying a novel, your instructor may want you to write an essay about your opinion of the key character. You would then come up with a statement about the character—for instance; Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet”– is intelligent but impulsive. You would then base your essay on evidence to support your belief in the statement. This is a simple formula to help you organize your thoughts in an illustration essay.

An illustrative essay is thus nothing more than giving facts to back up your thesis statement. However, to make it more colorful and interesting to read you will need to follow the following format.


A typical format is required in order to organize your illustration essay. The structure of an illustration essay is simple to follow and help you to figure out the appropriate way of organizing your thoughts. The required outline for an illustrative essay is as follows:-


The introduction should clearly define the general statement that you want to illustrate. You have to identify a definite idea of your statement for you to be able to support it through the use of examples and illustrations. Think about keywords and phrases that will support your statement. This will help you to come up with a thesis statement. The thesis statement of an illustration essay should be at the end of the introduction.

Basically, the introduction serves the purpose of briefly introducing the main ideas about your thesis. It should also be interesting to engage the attention of the reader.


The body paragraphs of an illustrative essay contain the main reasons to support your thesis statement. It should have three to four sentences with clear, precise and supportive examples or illustrations. The examples used should be applicable and supportive to your writing. These examples are simply used to represent your point of view of the statement in question. Each body paragraph should end with a closing sentence that reinforces how the examples support your main reasons in the article.


The conclusion of an illustrative essay should restate the thesis statement and illustrate the importance of the thesis. The conclusion draws from the main points supporting the thesis. When writing the conclusion, bear in mind that the principal context of an illustration essay is its examples. Thus you should strive to build a clear picture of the statement under discussion with the use of informative and well-supported concluding sentences.

While the format of an illustration essay may seem essay to follow, it also requires some careful thoughts to piece the necessary information together.

Here are essential tips to write an illustration essay.

  • An Illustration essay should show by explaining a point using evidence rather than tell.
  • When selecting examples/illustrations make sure to brainstorm whether it is appropriate for the subject.
  • Organize your reasons in order of importance either from the most important to the least important or vice versa.
  • Use sentences with examples/illustrations to support your reasons.

Below is a checklist to use when writing your illustration essay.

  • Does your introduction clearly state the thesis statement by providing the most important points to be addressed in the essay?
  • Have you used relevant examples/illustrations to elaborate and give supporting evidence for your thesis statement in your article’s body paragraph?
  • Does your conclusion restates the thesis statement and provide a summary of the main examples/illustration that back up your thesis statement?
  • After you’ve finished writing your illustration essay, did you make sure to double check whether you used the correct spelling and grammar?

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