Family Life Education

Unit One: Family Life Education Definition Unit One Introduction The success of a nation begins in the homes of its people. What exactly is family life education? FLE is a preventive, educational, and collaborative approach to individual and family issues. It can prevent problems and enhance potentials It can take place in a variety of settings aimed at a varied audience dealing with a myriad of issues, interests, concerns and situations. Family life educators believe that strong, healthy families play a key role in supporting and strengthening society and the good that can come from providing individuals and families with the knowledge and skills needed to be happy, contributing members of their communities. Family life education is practiced by professionals in various settings throughout the world, including schools, extension programs, the military, communities, health care, human services, faith communities and higher education. In Unit One, we will review family life education as a profession considering issues and trends in the field of family life education as well as issues of professionalism and certification. Unit One Outcomes Upon completion of this unit you should be able to: 1. Define family life education: the profession, the goals, and the outcomes. 2. Outline qualification and training required for certification as a family life educator. 3. Outline the profession of family life education. 4. Know basic information about your instructor and fellow students. 5. Discuss the importance of family life education as a profession. 6. Articulate your attitudes, values, and beliefs about family life education. 7. Review and rate the program for its usefulness. 1.1 Text/Media Textbook: Family Life Education: Working with Families across the Life Span Media Clip: Little Children: Big Challenges Divorce Media Link: Focus on Kids Instructions 1. Read Chapters 1 & 2 in Family Life Education: Working with Families across the Life Span. 2. View the Little Children: Big Challenges Divorce media clip. 3. Review the Focus on Kids media link. Assignments 1.3 Unit Assignment: Family Life Education ProgramReview 1 Instructions 1. For each FLE program area there are 1 or more example programs. Select one program to review from the following: Little Children: Big ChallengesDivorce or Focus on Kids 2. Provide a 3 page typewritten critical review of the program and its content material. 3. Then rate the program overall using the following scales: o How useful is the program information provided? ? Very useful? ? Somewhat useful? ? Not very useful? ? Not at all useful? o Rate the overall effectiveness of the program. 3. ? Very effective? ? Somewhat effective? ? Not very effective? ? Not at all effective? 4. Submit your critical review as a word document.

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