Essay About Someone You Admire : The Teacher I Admire Most

The society holds teachers in high admiration, referring to them as nation builders. However, with the existence of millions of teachers globally, not all are comparable or gifted in the same way. There exist only a few shining gems among them identified as nation builders in the society’s real sense. Conversely, there exists an unconscious fear superimposed by the students over their teachers psychologically (Timmermans 222). An excellent student-teacher performance is most likely to see a positive, healthy performance among the students.

I rank my English teacher, Mr. Doe, as the most desired teacher. Although in his late fifty’s, he still possesses immense knowledge in both literature and life skills. Besides, the lecturer is very popular with the students, his pleasing manner, excellent teaching mode, imposing personality, affection, and love above all strict discipline, a combination of character and personality I find attractive.

The 45 minutes spent in a literature class with Mr. Doe is not only educative, but his method of teaching infused with humor has led to a significant improvement in the students’ overall performance. The lessons are always engaging practically, and every student becomes a part of the class. The later also saw a high-class attendance (Brooks). With his calm performance and extensive poetry skills, he cultured into me one of the best poets in my school.

My English teacher (Mr. Doe) is time conscious (irrespective of the weather), honest, kind, and dutiful. During the physical education classes, he always interacts freely with the students engaging them in conversations on various topics such as drug abuse and misuse, forest conservation measures, and sex education. Nevertheless, he knows how to maintain a good relationship with other teachers.

He has won almost everybody’s admiration for his faithfulness and learning devotion in the teaching profession. I find Mr. Doe to be a man of principles, as he is always truthful and honest. I found Mr. Doe’s lectures interesting, as he does no restrain himself to what the curriculum states as per the textbook; he also tries painting the bigger picture of that which the society encompasses.

Whenever students raise questions in his class, Mr. Doe answers all politely and with a lot of care. This has made me improve my listening skills alongside becoming more attentive in other courses (Costa). Questions repeatedly asked never irritates him. Additionally, I owe him gratitude for creating a strong foundation for my grammar, communication skills, and writing skills. Something I always felt I never had the aptitude to improve on. I vividly remember when I first joined the course as I lacked confidence and motivated. Mr. Doe was always present, assisting me in identifying my weakness and turning them to strengths. He had been a guardian to me as he always advised me on the steps to take in improving my communication, grammar, and writing skills.

Every week, he always ensures to organize school debate competitions within the learning institutions. Because of the teacher’s sincere efforts and self-contribution, the institution has garnered a great effort in our inter-district matches. Three years ago, the district educational stakeholders had awarded him a gold medal. My favorite teacher did play a crucial role in my life. He taught me many ideas and values. He always showed me the right direction and asked me to go after my dreams. His advice for me to be a better person in society is something I still follow at heart.

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