Discussion Board Business Class

A- The Discussion Boards are for applying what you are learning to analyze a recent situation, not for opinions. Avoid stating: “in my opinion” or “in my view…” Just state facts and, when possible, support them with figures.

B- Spelling or grammar mistakes: use spelling and grammar software before you post.

C- Avoid expressions like “a lot” or “huge.” Use figures instead.

D- Paraphrase or quote. Credit your sources using the APA style: 


Do not cut and paste from readings. That is plagiarism, which is illegal. 

E- Use the same font and size in all postings lest your work looks choppy.

F- Don’t state that you agree or disagree with a student unless you add a sentence explaining why.

A-Remember that the purpose of discussion boards in this class is for you to:

1-practice professional writing (Express yourself in complete, grammatically correct sentences written in a coherent manner).

2-apply what you are learning in the class to a real-life situation (a Wall Street Journal [WSJ] article)

3-practice research and citation (find an additional article, book or publication and source it with the APA format: 


B-These are the steps:

1-Read the WSJ article tonight

2-Find additional information about the topic… at least one more publication.

3-Write you posting and credit your sources

4-Run grammar and spelling software 

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