Describe your career objectives and aspirations and how they relate to your chosen major(s)

I didn’t know what I wanted to major in at the time of applying but now that I have learned and researched more about different degrees I have seen what my passions are leaning towards (that being chemical and pharmaceutical engineering)

I want a career that will allow me access to world settings

I want to have a career that has many job opportunities and endless lessons to learn

Along with working in the engineering world, I also want to pursue a minor in Spanish and international business so I can continue my world on a global setting

After I have accomplished my future goals, I would like to teach at a high school as a math or chemistry teacher

I never want to stop learning while I am working whether I am doing research or pharmaceutical business overseas. I want to be able to take that knowledge with me to teach others at some point in my career

Just need help organizing these bullet points into an essay for a scholarship

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