Compare two measures (scales) of one construct

This paper is designed to examine how well you can integrate course knowledge with critical thinking skills in evaluating published psychological tests. The main purpose of this paper is to compare TWO measures (scales) of ONE construct. Please address the following sections in your paper:
1. Introduce and define the construct (e.g. Depression, anxiety, stress, perceived social support, etc.) that you are interested in. Conduct a brief literature review for this construct.

2. Discuss why this topic is relevant and interesting.

3. Provide a scenario for which you conduct a research study on this construct; include your sample, context, and the reason for measuring the construct

4. Describe TWO published measures (scales) that assess this construct:
General descriptive information (e.g. how many items? Likert Scale?)
Reliability and validity
Cultural Adaptation
Target Populations

5. Based on the information provided in the (4), what are the strengths and weaknesses of each measure (scale)? What further information and/or data are needed to improve the measures (scales)?

6. What is your recommendation as to which scale you should use? Please give reason(s) for your recommendation. You may wish to tie this section back to your scenario if applicable.

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