D2 Ethical Issues In Research

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M1: Lesson 2 – Discussion

  1. Create an original posting with a minimum of 250-300 words.
  2. Back up your arguments with reliable evidence.

Ethical Issues In Research

There are many ethical challenges that have specific implications for nursing research. These arise primarily from the emergent and unpredictable nature of the research methods and the nature of the profession. Ethical challenges such as risk-benefit ratio which involves weighing both the benefits and the potential harm must be anticipated by the researcher before any contact with the potential subject.


  1. You are planning to conduct interviews about the experiences of women who were the victim of domestic violence. Complete the activities and answer the following questions:
    1. List and discuss in detail the ethical issues that are involved in the early stages of doing a research or evaluation study with these subjects or participants.
    2. is informed consent necessary in this case?  Why or why not?
    3. What steps will you take to minimize the potential risks?  What possible sources of physical and mental harm to the participants be minimized?
    4. How would you protect this specific subject from harm?
    5. What information will you provide to the participants to ensure informed and voluntary consent?
    6. Do the benefits of the study outweigh the risks?

To begin the discussion, click on the “Create Thread” link above.


File submission: Make an autobiography  Objective of the activity  Demonstrate what you have learned by developing an autobiography.  Instructions  An autobiography is a writing in narrative format that tells the most important facts, reality, of the life of the writer. It begins at the moment of his birth or childhood and evolves until the moment in which it is written.  The structure of an autobiography must include at least one introductory paragraph that includes full name, year and place of birth and some general information that allows the reader to contextualize. Following three paragraphs that cover development and growth, an example may be infancy and / or childhood, youth and present time. It ends with a concluding paragraph where the person highlights or visualizes what they expect from the future. You should maintain a tone that encourages reading. You can insert some interesting or funny anecdote. It must be fluent, that one paragraph leads to another and the narrative makes sense, not a simple succession of events.  Spelling and grammar issues should not be lost sight of. If you include a quote, you must reference it appropriately.  For this work you must use Arial font format, size 12, spacing 1.5 and aligned to the left. Remember to include a cover.  Deliverable  The activity is individual. The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammatical errors. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect similarity of content (now Urkund). Submit the answers in a Word document, Arial font, size 12. You must include the references in APA format, three years old or less.   Activity value 55 points / distributed as follows:  Spelling and grammar are worth 5 points Tone has a value of 5 points. Format has a value of 5 points Fluency has a value of 5 points Structure has a value of 5 points for each paragraph, for a total of 35 points Introductory paragraph. Value 5 points. 3 paragraphs of development. Value 5 points each. Paragraph dedicated to reflecting on the time that has elapsed since the beginning of this course, telling about their experience. Value 5 points. Paragraph dedicated to indicating how the studies will influence their future Value 5 points Concluding paragraph. Value 5 points. Each paragraph should address the aspect requested, beginning with an introductory sentence, two to three sentences that detail and a closing sentence that leads to the next paragraph .

3 Short Essays

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In this week’s assignment, you will have a Week 5 assessment and review previous material. The focus of this assignment is on your understanding of the concepts and your presentation skills. There are four separate essays in this assignment-all essays/questions need to be answeredBe specific by labeling each essay (i.e. “Essay 1” as a heading) in your paper/assignment.

Answer the following questions in a Microsoft® Word document.

Essay 2 (175 to 350 words)

The Bill of Rights, which is the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution, and the Constitution as a whole do two very important things: They set out the rights of the citizens and also limit the authority of government. The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution in particular limit the authority of government in the lives of U.S. citizens. The authority of government/law enforcement is additionally limited in court decisions interpreting Constitutional protections, such as Miranda v. Arizona. Jurisdiction and the statute of limitations further limit the reach of law enforcement.

Choose two of the above legal limitations. Discuss how these legal limitations affect law enforcement efforts. Provide relevant examples. What would happen if these limitations were more or less stringent? Explain your answer.

Essay 3 (175 to 350 words)

A variety of statutes have been enacted to fight organized crime at the federal level, such as RICO, which is a part of the Crime Control Act of 1970. Other statutes are designed to “follow the money,” such as the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 and the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986, in order to obtain needed evidence against organized crime groups. There are many and various other federal laws that have been enacted to fight organized crime or enacted for another purpose but are being used to combat organized crime, such as the Patriot Act.

Answer the following questions:

  • What is an example of a federal law that combats organized crime?
  • How does this law apply to domestic or international organized crime groups?
  • Has this law been codified into the state laws in your state? In what way?
  • How may we improve major federal laws and strategies to combat organized crime? Explain your answer.

Essay 4 (175 to 350 words)

There is no national police force in the United States. However, there are multiple federal agencies that act to combat various types of criminal activity, including organized crime. These agencies fall under the larger umbrella of government departments. For example, the FBI operates under the Department of Justice and Customs and Border Protection operates under the Department of Homeland Security.

Choose one federal agency that interests you and discuss the history of this organization. Answer the following questions:

  • What are the major functions and goals of this agency?
  • How does this agency operate in the fight against organized crime?
  • What training, experience, or education must one have to become a part of this agency?
  • Would you ever consider joining this agency? Why or why not?

Submit Assignment

Action Plan

A plan should break down individual requirements and issues into steps that can be tracked, indicate team member(s) responsibility, and completion (including prerequisites) dates. A plan usually includes goals, steps, assignments, and deadlines.

The executive staff at Dayton Soft Products did not agree with your first recommendations provided in your executive summary. They asked that you go with your number 2 and number 4 recommendations, which they thought would be best for their organization. This presents a challenge to you, but you must go ahead with what your client wants.

Create an action plan with a total of at least 10 tasks. Each task must address the following three issues:

  • Risk assessment (overall strategy)
  • Contingency planning

               What is your plan if there is a problem? Who sets the priorities following an incident?         who is going to do what? What are the priorities? How do you keep the plan going?

  • Vulnerability management

                 What is the strategy for ongoing risk identification?

                 Once you’ve identified the risk, how do you mitigate the risk? What are the steps?

You may complete this action table either as a 4- to-5-page Microsoft® Word document or as a detailed Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet. The following are examples of column heading titles for a table-formatted action plan:

  • Column 1: Action Item
  • Column 2: Description/Details
  • Column 3: Person Responsible
  • Column 4: Status
  • Column 5: Due Date
  • Column 6: Prerequisites
  • Column 7: Date Completed
  • Column 8: Comments/Notes

. Write a JavaScript function named CalcVol() to calculate the volume of a rectangular solid. The..

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1.       Write a JavaScript function named CalcVol() to calculate the volume of a rectangular solid. The function should have three parameters named x, y, and z, and should return the value of a variable named Vol that is equal to x*y*z.

2.       Write the JavaScript statement to call the CalcVol() function with values of x = 3, y = 10, and z = 4, storing the result of the function in a variable named TotalVol.

1. A button on the Web page has the id value new Game. Provide a JavaScript statement to run the…

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1.       A button on the Web page has the id value new Game. Provide a JavaScript statement to run the restart() function when this button is clicked.

2.       The movePiece() function can be called by several different page elements in response to an event occurring within the Web page. Provide an expression to return the id of the calling element.

1. The first article element in a document has its width in pixels set with an inline style. Provide

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1.       The first article element in a document has its width in pixels set with an inline style. Provide a command to retrieve the value of that element’s width, storing only the numeric value in the article Width variable.

2.       Provide the JavaScript expression to create an object collection named all Bookmarks based on the following CSS selector pattern:

#main article span.bookmark