How to Find a Good Essay Topic to Write About?

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finding a good topic for your essay

Your field of study determines how a course is administered. If you are studying Biology for example, chances are you need to do lab experiments, which implies that some amount of your course time is spent in a Biology lab. Similarly, Computer Science students may spend a lot of time in a computer lab writing code in preparation for classes, or for the completion of an assignment.

Regardless of what your field of study may be, there are times when you find yourself receiving essay type assignments to complete. Depending on the course, the importance of these essays can vary. No matter what the reason for the essay may be, there’s no question about the fact that you need to get it completed and submitted.

While some essay assignments are given with a topic, most of them provide a description and require the students to come up with a captivating topic. The topic is important as it reflects the entire essence of the piece. All the content you write must represent and explore the topic that is established. When these assignments are received, coming up with a topic, which is the first requirement, seems like an impossible task. Here are two good methods you can use to come up with a good essay topic.

Brainstorm High Level Essay Points

This one seems a bit odd as the title is supposed to form the guide for the body of the essay, however, it is entirely possible to use the intended content to generate the title. First, focus on the requirements that the assignment has established. Second, after you understand the requirements, write down three sentences that represent points that you can expound on for the body of your essay. Finally, select a title that captures what the sentences are saying collectively.

By doing this, use create a mini roadmap for your title, which you can then use to create the roadmap for your essay.

View yourself as a research topic when writing your résumé (opinion)

Learn from Professional Essays

This is how many people master their respective disciplines. Never forget that if you’re learning something that is not new, someone is better at it than you are. This is not a fact for you to be ashamed of as it indicates an opportunity for learning. Using techniques from professional essays is a great way to improve your own essay writing skills. If you’d like to acquire professional essays, you need to be prepared to do a little spending.

You can make use of an existing essay writing service. These can be found online, and it is recommended that you read reviews to get an idea of the writing quality and service. Once you feel comfortable proceeding with an essay writing service, get your first couple of essays done with it. Review these essays and pinpoint word patterns and how the title manages to reflect the content while being engaging to readers.


Essay writing in college can be a daunting task especially when you are unsure of the topic to use. Make use of the techniques discussed above and make this tedious process a breeze.

compensation strategy

For this assignment, write an essay explaining your new compensation strategy   for the mid-level manager position you still need to fill. Your audience is the   chief executive officer (CEO) and other supervisors in your organization. In   this essay, include the items listed below.

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  • After a brief introduction, explain how equal employment opportunity laws        impact the organization’s compensation strategy.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of        pay-for-performance and competency-based pay. What strategy would you        recommend for your organization, and why?
  • Explain how various motivational theories can factor into your development        of a multi-generational compensation package for your whole organization      that   includes indirect benefits. Be sure to give specific examples of how      different   generations of applicants or employees will be affected.
  • Explain your proposed compensation package, which should include direct        and indirect benefits and how the package will affect hiring and retention.    Be     sure to specifically identify how much you will pay the mid-level    managers,     and indicate how it compares to your state and the federal    minimum wage. You     can search the Internet for sites that list comparable    pay data. You should     identify a low, medium, and high pay range for the    mid-level manager.
  • Explain how you will assess the effectiveness of the compensation strategy        a year from now.

Your essay will contain a one-page appendix in which you will create a chart   of your compensation strategy. This chart should have three columns, which   should address the areas listed below:

  • legally mandated benefits,
  • direct benefits (include how much you will pay the mid-level managers),    and
  • indirect benefits.

Your essay will be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the   appendix, title page, or references page. You must use at least two sources to   support your essay. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, and   make certain to include in-text citations and references for all sources that   are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

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Research a reading/literacy pre-assessment.

From the research, write a 250-500 word description of that reading/literacy assessment, the purpose of the assessment, the specific characteristics of this assessment, what data can be derived from this assessment and when you would use this assessment. Identify a strength of the assessment and an opportunity for growth. How might you change this assessment to better assess the students’ reading skills ? How will your findings inform your future professional practice?

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Scientific Models Discussion

Scientific Models Discussion

Find a peer-reviewed academic article that interests you and uses some kind of model. (It could be a scientific model or some other kind.) Attach the article or provide a citation (Title, Author, Journal, etc.).

Article critiques: Create a new thread and post a critique of an article. Your critique should be at least 300 words and should address the following questions:

  1. Why is the model interesting to you?
  2. Is it a scientific model or not? And how can you tell? Why or why not?
    (Use the Week 3 Lecture to help you decide – it should fit ALL of the criteria to be included in our course definition. Also see the Scientific Model Criteria document located in this week’s content.)
  3. What is the research question they are asking with this model? What other research questions could they ask with that model?
  4. Include a link or full citation for your source material.

Reply posts: Next, write substantive, thoughtful replies to at least two of your peers’ posts. Be sure to read their source articles.  Reply posts should address the following prompts:

  • Do you agree with the assessment in the original post (particularly whether the article constitutes a scientific model according to the criteria)? If you do agree, indicate what convinced you. If you don’t agree, explain why.
  • What other research questions might be addressed by the model?
  • What other types of models might address the research aims?
  • You may also share any prior knowledge or personal experience you have with the topic to enrich the discussion.
  •  First post to reply:

Scientific Models Discussion

Superconductors have been a interest of mine for the past year or so when I was introduced to them in the research lab I work in. When I get the occasionally day to read up on things that are outside the research project I often find myself in the realm of super conductors so I am by no means an expert. Of These the YBa2Cu3O7 super conductors are the most interesting to me due to a property in the crystalline structure between the copper and oxygen atoms characterized often in literature “Copper-Oxygen Planes”. These planes are credited with the superconductor’s ability to super conduct electricity above boiling temperature liquid nitrogen. So, the prospect of a model that would allow us to study these copper oxygen planes without the need to have a super conductor material at the critical temperature

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This model operates on the lack of enough quantum computing power to adequately model these copper oxygen planes so instead they use an aspect of quantum computing using a quantum dot array via a dedicated quantum simulator. As an analogy they used was his model was like an analog vs a digital computing device. Where the model is not actually quantum computing but is producing a result of how electrons behave in a quantum environment. Based on the results of this model (as best as I can understand) we can extrapolate how the electrons move from orbital to orbital.

Scientific Models Discussion

This model is trying to ask can we measure the effect of copper-oxygen planes synthetically with an ‘analog device’. With this answered we can start to see the type of patterns we observe under certain energy conditions. That opens the door to a plethora of questions we can ask on how the physics of those planes work. Then based on those results you can apply them to actual YBa2Cu3O7 super conductors to verify the result.

Manousakis, E. (2002). A Quantum-Dot Array as Model for Copper-Oxide Superconductors: A Dedicated Quantum Simulator for the Many-Fermion Problem. Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 126(5), 1501-1513.

Second Post to reply for:

Scientific Models Discussion

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My article uses the Arabidopsis genome to study genome duplication and polyploidization. Arabidopsis is a plant in the mustard family that is a popular model organism for studying genetics. It is popular because it is small, has a short life cycle, has a small and completely sequenced genome, and has powerful reverse and forward genetics. This model is interesting to me because I’m interested in genetics.

This is a scientific model. Studying Arabidopsis can provide simple examples of evolutionary processes. The study of Arabidopsis is used to generate understanding about underlying genetic processes. The data produced by studying Arabidopsis can be compared to data produced by studying other, more complex genetic systems. Finally, data is collected on the evolutionary processes of Arabidopsis using the scientific method.

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In this model they are studying the  utility of microarrays for genome-wide analysis of changes in gene expression, genome organization and chromatin structure in Arabidopsis polyploids and related species. In the future, The Arabidopsis model system could illuminate our understanding of mechanisms and evolutionary consequences of polyploidization that will be applicable to other polyploid taxa and natural populations, as well as provide insights into manipulating the expression of duplicate genes in polyploid agricultural crops.

Here a link to the article:

Describe your career objectives and aspirations and how they relate to your chosen major(s)

I didn’t know what I wanted to major in at the time of applying but now that I have learned and researched more about different degrees I have seen what my passions are leaning towards (that being chemical and pharmaceutical engineering)

I want a career that will allow me access to world settings

I want to have a career that has many job opportunities and endless lessons to learn

Along with working in the engineering world, I also want to pursue a minor in Spanish and international business so I can continue my world on a global setting

After I have accomplished my future goals, I would like to teach at a high school as a math or chemistry teacher

I never want to stop learning while I am working whether I am doing research or pharmaceutical business overseas. I want to be able to take that knowledge with me to teach others at some point in my career

Just need help organizing these bullet points into an essay for a scholarship