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  Tutorial class   a, b, c, d, e, f   15%   TBA   Report. Online Submission Only
  Topic   A business plan is a very important strategic tool for entrepreneurs. A good business plan not only helps entrepreneurs to focus on the specific steps necessary for them to make business ideas succeed, but it also helps them to achieve both their short- term and long-term objectives.
Language and Intonation InformativeCritical andAnalyticalFormal


Write a 1500-word business plan report for the new start-up venture business model youpresented (proposed) in week 9. This report should be written professionally as it aims to serve as a company resume to secure investor funding,tenders.

Your business plan must comprehensively include:

  1. Name of yourbusiness,
  2. The industry your business will operatein,
  3. Industry summary (IBISWorld),
  4. Adescriptionofyourbusinessmodel(whatproducts/servicesyouareoffering,yourtarget market demographic, your location,etc…),
  5. Two (2) ‘SMART’ objectives (one managerial, and onefinancial),
  6. A personnel plan (how many employees you need, what job titles will they carry, the communication network structure and illustrated this using only an organisationalchart),

6a) Create one job analysis for one of the personnel depicted in your organisational chart (to be attached as an appendix)

  • A detailed ‘SWOT’ analysis (minimum 3 implications to each matrixcomponent)
  • One plausible Scenario and relevant Contingency plan based on current marketconditions.
  • A Proposed sustainability and CSR strategy (what are they, and how you plan to applythem)
  • References (minimum 3academic)
  Format   Report format.   –   Arialfont.  –     12pt. – Double line spacing – Pagenumbering –   Margins   –   Header/Footer        – Paragraph sequencing with proper title headings (Note: do not use “Body” as a titleheading)   >> Submission inclusions: Cover page, Table of Contents, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Reference page, Appendix (Job Analysis)   * Executive summary is not required.
  Word Count   Word count should be 1500 +\- 10% words in total. (Only excludes appendix)
    Referencing   Minimum 3 academic referencesrequired.UTS HarvardStyleIn text citations should be evident within theessay.
          Turnitin   Your report must be submitted to Turnitin no later than Sunday 11:59 pm (midnight) of week 10.   Failure to submit to Turnitin by the deadline will result in anautomatic 5% deduction, and continuous for every daydelayed.   Submit in word doc. format NOT PDF. Penalties apply fornon-compliance.
      What happens if you missyour submission deadline?   Contact YOUR CLASS TUTOR immediately!   Reports submitted late will automatically incur grade deduction penalties at a rate of 5% per day. Exclusions to this may include;   a- If you have been granted a formal special consideration.   Medical Certificates are not accepted since this is an out-of-class process assessment, meaning you were given ample time to complete it!   If you meet criteria ‘a’, you will be given a formal extension by the Subject Coordinator. You must confirm extension details with your Subject Coordinator and Tutor.


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