Biography Project

1500-2000 words
Minimum word count is REQUIRED; Essays that are not at least 1500 words receive zero credit
Works Cited page does not count as part of word minimum word count
Use at least three (3) appropriate sources
Sources must be chosen from the list I have provided
If a student wants to use a source not on the list, they must ask for approval before using it in their paper
Bibliography of sources is available under the Biography Essay Project tab on Blackboard
Include a Works Cited page
Works Cited or References page should include only sources which are cited in the essay; do not include sources which you chose not to use
Essays that do not include a Works Cited page will not be graded
Use MLA format for Works Cited page and in-text citations
In-text citations are REQUIRED
Include a thesis statement
You are not only telling the story of a life. You are also making an argument, a claim, for why we should study that life. You need a thesis statement which makes your claim and the body of your essay must be constructed to support that claim.
Include your thesis statement in your introductory paragraph.
Your essay should have a clear introduction and conclusion.
Use appropriate grammar and graceful language
Use spellcheck and grammar check on your computer
Proofread your essay
Read your essay aloud to yourself
Ask your friends to read your essay
Write beautifully, not just correctly
You can write beautifully even if grammar is difficult for you
How do your sentences sound?
What pictures or images have you helped your reader to see?

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