App Walkthrough method app to analyse Arts 2091 Mobile

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App Walkthrough method app to analyse 代写Arts2091 Mobile .

Arts2091 Mobile Cultures

ARTS2091 Assessment:
Research Project on App Walkthrough method
Assessment &
Length  Due date  Feedback
Research project (40%)  1800-2000 words  Friday October 6 th ,
5pm (end of week
Rubric and comments
via Moodle
Choose an app to analyse. This must be a different app to the one that you analysed in your
tutorial presentation.

Use the walkthrough method, that we learnt about in week 3, to explore how this app
positions you as a user. What assumptions about your gender, ethnicity, ability, sexuality,
and class are made by the app? How do you know?
Make sure that you justify any claim that you make by referring to specific aspects of the
app’s design (e.g. word choices, images, colours, layout etc.) that you observe during your
You should present your findings as a research report with the following structure:
1. Introduction:
•  Briefly identify the main findings (from your walkthrough analysis) which
you will explore in the report.
2. Report body
•  Explain your findings.
•  Be sure to justify each claim by referring to a dimension of the app’s design
(use diagrams, annotated screen captures etc. to help the reader
understand your analysis).
•  Do not simply narrate the flow of the app.
•  Be sure that your paragraphs contain a topic sentence that indicates to the
reader the idea you are going to deal with in that paragraph. The rest of the
paragraph must apply sufficient analysis of specific examples to justify your
3. Conclusion
•  Summarise your findings in light of the analysis you have undertaken.
Submit your assignment as a Word document (NOT A PDF) via Turn-it-in on Moodle by
Friday October 6 th , 5pm (end of week 10).
Arts2091 Mobile Cultures
Marking criteria
To answer this question well you need to demonstrate that you understand how:
•  to use the walkthrough method.
•  an app’s design choices can reveal the assumptions that the app makes about its
potential users.
•  to use your walkthrough findings to justify your claims.
•  to explain your findings through written analysis supported by resources such as
diagrams or tables.
•  to express yourself coherently in report form.
The table below is the qualitative rubric used as a guide in marking your project.
Criteria  F  P  C  D  HD
Expression: Proper and fluent written expression.
Concepts: Clear explanation of ideas relating to how an app’s
design reveals assumptions about users.
Walkthrough analysis: Evidence of detailed and coherent analysis
of the app’s affordances.
Findings: Strength and conceptual coherence of findings based on
walkthrough analysis.
App Walkthrough method app to analyse Arts2091 Mobile

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