American institutions

This is the policy memo writing about U.S. Constitution. The memos layout should be like this below: 1. Intro Brief description at the start of Memo 2 specifying the problem and audiences. 2. Assessment criteria : pick and state the criteria you are using. Aim to be relevant and measurable Include status quo, original alternatives or come across in research 3. Option 1 Explain Access option 1(suggestions: split into costs and outcome) 4. Option 2 Explain Access option 2 in the same formate as option 1 5. Make Recommendation Tips: A.Where possible project actual numbers (relevance will depend on criteria and policy problem) 1.Feel free to make assumptions, but make sure you are clear about stating them 2.Use tables in appendices 3.Assess the robustness of your estimation and take this into account as you weigh up options(i.e. have you thought about the risk of being wrong) B.Think about do nothing scenario – compare options to this / include as a third option C. Related topics: Congress For example: polarization- gun control, Because of polarization in congress, this issue is hard to solve Solutions: Background check, lobbying of fund about gun control in congress, how to limit the financial to support gun Manufacturing. ( Avoid polarization – hurt Democrats or Republicans by this policy) mainly on solutions two or three solutions and recommend an option

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