Abortion and the Law

Essay to be based on abortion and legal issues this faces in Australia but may reference current issues in alternate countries for way of contrast. (will attach further documents to assist). I would love this to touch base on the following; -Legal history on abortion -feminist views on abortion -Continuing issues with abortion and the law -abortion and religion -Political abortion views and their involvement in making this a legal decision -masculine theory/ men’s involvement in the abortion legal decision making process This is an essay that allows you to have freedom to write about what you please on the basis that it is a subject that contrasts something to do with gender and the law. for mine I have chosen abortion, I am happy for you to have a bit of freedom to include anything else you come across on the legal issue of abortion. all work must be original work (will be checked by plagiarism detector) and referenced using The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd ed): (will attach a guide) if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact! thanks!

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