7 strategies for crafting powerful college essay

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Essays are indispensable form of academic writing that every college students must learn and practice regularly to excel.  You’re often asked to write essays because through them you can demonstrate set of coherent ideas to present an argument.  Crafting an essay, therefore, requires structuring of arguments in a fashion that would effectively address to the readers. Here are the 7 strategies that would help you to write a powerful essay:

1)  Mapping

Typically, essay contains three parts: introduction, body and conclusion.  Introduction presents the initial point of your argument which will form the basis of your essay. Next is the body, which further explains and analyzes your initial argument.  A powerful essay not only provides a careful analysis of your argument but gives relevant examples to drive home the points. Conclusion summarizes all the points that were discussed in the body so that the writer’s argument can have a logical end.  Writing an essay requires the writer to answer ‘What’, ‘How’ & ‘Why’ to your readers while presenting your argument.  A powerful essay meticulously maps all these points efficiently.

2) Brainstorming

In order to map your essay correctly it’s vital to do the research in advance. Brainstorming not only gives you the ideas to argue in the essay but also an overall structure or the outline of your essay.

3)Writing, re-writing & editing

Nobody writes a perfect draft in the first attempt.  Writing a worthy essay is actually about re-writing and relentless editing.  Writing the first draft should be a process of pouring of ideas without thinking too much about the form, tone or grammar.  All these activities come later when you edit and re-write to fine tune your essay.

4) Proofreading

It’s always wise to proofread anything that you write because it can save you from major embarrassment later. Read your essay loudly so that you can encounter even the small mistakes and typos that might have crept in. Proofreading is more like polishing and giving a final touch to your essay.


5)Getting a feedback

Oftentimes, you’re so engrossed with your ideas and arguments that minor errors skip your eyes. Therefore, it’s advisable to get your essay reviewed by someone who would give a fresh perspective that would further help in improving the quality of your essay.

6) Being genuine & creative

An essay is powerful only when you present your arguments honestly and from your heart. Also, just writing facts to support your arguments one after another without giving any personal touch will often make your essay dull and boring. Therefore, essay should not only be presenting facts but also creatively substantiating it with examples that can entertain readers.

5 Tips on How to Write the Perfect College Essay

7)Writing for your audience

Writing doesn’t happen in vacuum.  Before you begin writing it’s crucial to know the audience that you’re addressing to, and thereupon build the tone of the essay accordingly. Gauging the audience in advance is a trait of an effective writer.

Essay writing is an important craft that every college students should hone.  And, students who own this skill, undoubtedly, fetches better grades in exams.


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