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Option A):
Technological developments are thought to be leading to the creation of knowledge in the form of a global brain. What are the potential implications of this for individuals and society?
Concepts you may wish to integrate include:
Global brain; Singularity; Collective Intelligence; Digital divide; Information overload; Technological determinism
Option B):
Choose one example to discuss the possibility that cultural differences may be intertwined with issues of power in terms of knowledge dominance.
Concepts you may wish to integrate include:
Ontology; Universality; Othering; Rationality; Ethnocentrism; Discourses; Cultural Hegemony
Option C):
Is it possible to ever achieve anything other than a relativist form of knowledge?
Concepts you may wish to integrate include:
Social Construction; Objectivity; Positivism; Falsifiability; Relativity; Theory dependence

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