Implications Paper

a 1-page single spaced implication paper. This means that you consider the material in the chapter and its implications for your personal or work experience. How does the chapter material apply to you? Explain how the concept(s) apply to you and/or organizations that you are currently working at or organizations that you have worked for in the past.


You will need to find an interesting example of negotiation in the news or popular culture.
To find a case to analyze:  When watching TV shows or movies, note scenes involving interesting negotiations and/or read major newspapers to find descriptions of negotiations either in the business or political setting. If you are using a tv/movie scene, plan to write a description of a clip in.  YouTube often has clips from TV shows and movies.
Here are lists of other video clip sources on other media sources:  YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Metacafe etc.
Note that there are examples on YouTube of similar projects done by other students in other negotiation classes. Obviously, you should not copy those examples.  But: it is not a bad idea to look at those as good/bad examples of how to map the principles we discuss in class onto a negotiation scene.
1. As soon as you have selected your case, you should provide some kind of link to your source material (e.g. a web address for a video or news article(s) or a short description of the relevant scene if there is not yet a video clip available).
2. Analysis:  You will need to connect the concepts we learn in class to the example you’ve chosen to analyze.  For example: Does the case show a party considering its BATNA/WATNA? Do the negotiators appear to be working from different conflict styles? If so, how do the styles impact the negotiation? Are the parties bargaining in a distributive or integrative way? Are they using particular strategies? How did their strategies succeed or fail? Would you have advised them to do something differently?
Obviously, you will not find one case that allows you to explore every concept we learned in class. Instead, look for interesting examples of a few concepts that you can present well through the case.
Write and submit the assignment in a Word document in the APA formatted paper with no more than 3 pages (not including the APA formatted Title Page and Reference Page).



Describe your challenges with working in R and how your initial experience with R has been. Focus on things that can be solvable (i.e. I don’t need to know that your computer is old and doesn’t run R as fast as you want it to).


Be concise with your thoughts and feelings on the subjects. This is not meant to be a content dump, but rather a way for me to understand what your thought processes are/will be throughout the semester.

You are limited to 200-300 words. Do not include any outside sources; this paper is to focus on your thoughts.


Stay within the word count range

Be specific about your experience(s), not a broad interpretation