Articulate Your Understanding of Scholarly Writing

It is important to not only understand the terms used in scholarly writing, but to apply the expectations of quality in academic writing. For this assignment, write a paper that explains to your professor what quality, what quality in scholarly writing is, or is not, and why this is important. Start with an APA style cover page and a developed introduction; then address the following topics. Include citations referencing the two assigned scholarly articles. 

What is Quality? How does One Recognize Quality? 
What are the Qualities of Good Academic Writing? 
Why is Quality Academic Writing Important? 
Discuss Challenges Faced by Novice Scholarly Writers. 
Finally, end with a developed conclusion and an APA formatted References section. 

Be sure your paper follows APA style, including the use of a reference section and in-text citations. Be sure to use examples and details to demonstrate your understanding…..Use these two scholarly references>>

Hist 290 Hist of the Holocaust (RESEARCH PAPER) Compare Hitler and Stalin

DescriptionWright a research paper Comparing Hitler and Stalin. 
It must be 8-10 pages long 
This assignment is an opportunity for you to research a topic related to the study of the Holocaust that interests you in depth. (Compare Hitler and Stalin During) This paper is not simply a historical narrative, but is an analytical paper. You need to form a thesis statement and include your analysis throughout your paper.

“The American Dream: Dead or Alive?” Research Essay Topic Part 1 (Need to Thesis Statement First

Description Research Essay Part 1, the Research Essay Thesis, is a one or two paragraph description of your research project based on the course theme of “The American Dream: Dead or Alive?” and the long work course reading, Scratch Beginnings, by Adam Shepard. This is the first exploration into your essay, and since it is a working thesis, by its very nature it’s subject to change. As you do your research your ideas and opinions should change, as you open yourself up to more information and differing points of view. Even so, the basic topic of your essay should remain the same, so choose your topic carefully. Follow all MLA guidelines including formatting, in-text citations and works cited when using borrowed material.