please include the answers to theese question in your essay academic essay help 
1.) How did the introduction of large scale food production as discussed above affect the health of the world’s population?
2.) Do you agree with Diamond’s argument that food production was a pre-requisite for large, stratified, societies with a specialized labor force? Why or why not?academic essay help 
3.) Even if food production was not the worst mistake in human history, why is this an important article to consider?

Global Economic Justice Analysis Paper


Works cited and examples given must be from the book “The Moral Life,” 6th edition. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES can be used for cited work. academic essay help 

Here is the writing prompt:

Beginning on page 883 of the textbook, we are presented with three groups of responses to world hunger. Each group has slightly differing views inside of it.academic essay help 

1. Strong egalitarianism. Egalitarians generally believe that because all people have the same moral worth, all people are entitled to the world’s resources. On varying levels, human beings who have wealth are required to share it. In the case of Peter Singer, we must forgo luxuries and perhaps anything beyond basic needs to provide for the hungry.

2. Negative rights and lifeboat ethics. There is no obligation from wealthy nations to help those in need. Garrett Hardin moves a step further with this idea and argues that by giving to the needy, the wealthy nations of the world may in fact be perpetuating hunger or making the problem worse.academic essay help 

3. Reasonable Beneficence. The duty of helping others must be weighed alongside other duties. Helping others must be weighed in accordance with helping one’s self, or in the case of a wealthy nation – the entire nation. Timmerman’s passage generally follows this position.

Using all that you have learned in this course, choose ONE of these ethical responses and thoroughly analyze it for its effectiveness. You may choose a response with which you agree OR one with which you disagree. In either case, explain what is beneficial AND what is harmful in the response – including to whom it is harmful or beneficial. Part of the grade for this paper will be determined by the use of your examples and counter-examples, as well as your analysis of those examples and counter-examples.

DO NOT analyze all three – only analyze ONE position and then argue for or against it.



List and discuss three key arguments academic essay help made by American anti-imperialists. How were these arguments addressed/countered?

Instructions: This essay is to be one page only. Do not exceed one page, this includes your work(s) cited. Use the Turabian/Chicago style for your citation. This citation should fit on the same page – the bottom of your one page essay. You are to follow the standard rules of grammar, sentence construction, punctuation, spellings, coherence, and clarity. Your essay should be justified. Place your name and the course identifiers on the upper right hand corner of your essay. The spacing should be single spaced academic essay help 

Social Policy Comparison Assignment

In lieu of a weekly quiz, students will be required to compare academic essay help and contrast the social policies of three different countries. In my weekly lecture I outlined these policies for both the US and Sweden (on polar opposite sides of the spectrum). For this assignment, you are free to choose academic essay help THREE of the following countries: Spain, South Korea, Mexico, France, Netherlands, UK, or Japan. Once you choose your three countries you will be required to answer the following questions for all three countries: 1) What is the parental leave policy in place? 2) Is there a difference between maternal care and paternal care and if so what? 3) Does the government subsidize childcare? (If so, how much, if not why not?), 4) Does the country offer flexible jobs, P/T work, or job sharing options?, and 5) How much/what type of government support has been given to support family social policies? Once you locate the answers to all of these questions please identify at least TWO social, historical, OR political forces that help explain the answers you found. All of this information needs to be presented visually. You can create a Prezi, a Narrated PP, a Graph/Chart, an Infographic, or another program of your choosing.

Literature Review


A 20 page paper minimum discussing theoretical perspectives in 5 Domains of Psychology. Ethical Principles. LeIntroduction

Provide a conceptual framework for the review. academic essay help 
Describe how the review will be organized. The questions below may be used to guide this section.
What are the guiding theories within the domains?
How are the domains connected?
Are there competing points of view across the domains?
Why is the integration of these domains important?
What is the history of these domains?
What are the related theories or findings?
Describe how the literature was identified, analyzed, and synthesized.
How and why was the literature chosen?
What is your claim or thesis statement?academic essay help 

Provide the analysis, critique, and synthesis for the review.

Examine the main ideas and relationships presented in the literature across the four domains.
Integrate concepts from the four different content domains within the larger field of psychology.
What claim(s) can be made in the introduction?
What evidence supports the claim(s) made in the introduction?

Evaluate the reliability, validity, and generalizability of the chosen research findings.
How well does the literature represent the issues across the four domains?
Identify the strengths and the key contributions of the literature.
What, if any, deficiencies exist within the literature?
Have the authors omitted any key points and/or arguments?
What, if any, inaccuracies have been identified in the literature?
What evidence runs contrary to the claims proposed in the introduction, and how might these be reconciled with the claims presented?
Explain how the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct might influence the reliability and/or generalizability of the chosen findings.
Did the ethical issues influence the outcomes of the research?
Were ethical considerations different across the domains?

Integrate existing ideas with new ideas to create new knowledge and new perspectives.
Describe the research that has previously been done across these domains, as well as any controversies or alternate opinions that currently exist.
Relate the evidence presented to the major conclusions being made.
Construct clear and concise arguments using evidence-based psychological concepts and theories to posit new relationships and perspectives on the topics within the domains.

Ethics final

Questions need to be answeredacademic essay help in full for me to get all the points, you will find the answers in a book that is uploaded with the questions. Please give practical examples based on moral and ethics, and use your own words. Outside sources are also welcome as long it is cited. chapters on the book are from chapt 11 to chapt 21.