What Is a Community College?

Community colleges are becoming increasingly popular among students from all walks of life. If just 20 years ago they were mostly a solution for low-income families, now they are attractive for the middle and upper-middle class as well. What’s the reason behind their popularity? Should you hop on the bandwagon and go to one to

Be Careful with Using War Slang in Your Essay Writing

We all know that the best way to avoid war slang usage in daily situations is to avoid wars. However, at this point, humanity hasn`t come to the realization that it`s not the way of handling disagreements in the 21st century. The least you can do for now is not to include controversial phrases which form the war slang in your academic writing, mainly because those phrases are being popularized by media which have manipulative goals.

If you want to write an objective essay which will state your opinion on the matter clearly and will be unbiased from the first sentence till the last sentence, then you`ve found the right place and time to get some useful speak. Why is it so important? When you read news articles or watch reports on TV you don`t notice ways media are trying to hide facts or to sugar coat some information. It`s not just about countries with an authoritarian political regime. You`ll spot this terrifying tendency in American media of the 20th and the 21st century too.

Let`s say you found an article in a newspaper which told about neutralization of armed forces of a certain country. What`s your association with a word “neutralize”? It has a vast range of meanings and perhaps, killing people isn`t the first one that will come to your mind. But this is exactly what that article meant. Do you remember movies about gangsters or mafia where the characters almost never used the word “murder.” They often replaced it with such phrases as “to take somebody for a ride” or a more cynical one “to take care of somebody.”

See? Your consciousness can`t connect those phrases to their actual meaning, and that`s why it can be misleading. And that`s why it`s important to call a spade a spade whenever you`re writing an essay or a thesis about war. There is no equivalent of this topic that will be easy to write about because of different contradictory sources of information, controversial data, and a moral aspect, of course. That`s why we feel like you could use some help from essay writing service.

World War II

This war has introduced many words and phrases to a daily vocabulary which we`re still using on a day-to-day basis. Did you know that “doll” and “chick” as in reference to a woman and “kid” as a way to call a child comes from the times of the cruelest war in the human history? Soldiers were using it in conversations in diminishing context. In fact, absolutely every war became a creator of new words and phrases that we use regularly. Perhaps, this is a wrong tendency but you`ll see it a bit later when we get to the Korean War and the Gulf War.

We often use “nose dive,” or “storm troopers”, and even blitz (krieg) can be spotted sometimes in news. Initially, it represented German`s war tactics. But now, journalists, for some reason, include it to any article which has something to do with rapid and determined political or economic action. These seem more or less harmless in comparison to the words that we`re going to tell you about.

The Korean War

What Is Coursework in College?

What Is Coursework in College?

College coursework is basically a student’s extended paper or a project which aims to develop writing skills and demonstrate the level of your knowledge in this field. It is a kind of paper that you complete during the year, unlike the exam at the end of a course. The exact definition of college coursework is blurry. It depends on the subject.

Is It Normal to Hate College?

Is It Normal to Hate College?

Nowadays it is hard not to hate. People hurt us with their words, institutions hurt us with their people. Hate is tearing us apart, breaking our spirit and taking pleasure in watching us bleed. But we are trying so hard not to collapse under the weight of all the thoughts we hear in our heads and all the eyes we feel on our backs.

How to Write a Business Plan

You may ask: why do I need it? Why can’t I just launch my company and get to market? Why is a business plan important? Actually, its importance cannot be understated.

Business plan sets out where you want to go, defines your key objectives for the next two or three years. It shows your plan to get there, the strategies you are going to use to achieve the goal. It is a working document that you can refer to and make sure you are going in the right direction. Business plan is a great way to demonstrate how you are performing to other people. That is why banks and investors ask for it. But before you start to write a business plan, make sure you take the next steps.

Steps to Take Before Writing a Business Plan

Step 1: Know the Audience

If you are going to produce something people want to buy, then you should understand the needs of your customers, their desires and fears. If the customers do not have a need to buy your product, it does not make sense to create it. So, while developing the product, get input and feedback from the customers.

Step 2: Create Customer Profile

The importance of age, gender, location of your customers can’t be understated. Many business people often ignore the customer interests, buying behavior, etc. I know that these things may seem trivial, but they can provide valuable insights, for example, for advertising.

Step 3: Identify the Competitors

Identify your top 3 competitors and study their products, services, pricing. So, it will be much easier to differentiate yourself from them as well as figure out how to price your products. Offer something they are not offering. Maybe, it is a better guarantee, lower prices, more value, etc.

Now it is time to give you ideas on how to make a business plan, what goes into a business plan and how to present a business plan. I will take you through each section. However, you ought to know that the plan is often not written in the same order as in the final document. For example, although the executive summary appears as a first section, it is usually written last, when everything else is done. So, what to include in a business plan?

The Structure

How to Self-Discipline Yourself to Do College Homework?

How to Self-Discipline Yourself to Do College Homework?

Confess to yourself. How many times have you dreamt to start a new life next Monday, attend a gym, become a guru in cookery, have a dig at Spanish, set out to write a report in sociology or improve a few academic papers? Yet, when you get down to doing any of these things, it appears that you attempt to do at least something (buy a gym membership or attend a class in Spanish), but for some reasons you give up and justify yourself that it’s too hard or almost impossible to manage.

Sometimes you can’t even put a stake in the ground

What to Write in an Essay on Africa’s Cybersecurity Issues?

What to Write in an Essay on Africa’s Cybersecurity Issues?

You’ve definitely heard about Elon Musk’s ambitious intention to provide each and every corner of our world with the easily accessible, always available, and, most importantly, affordable Internet. By the way, on February 22 SpaceX successfully launched two test satellites, taking the first, revolutionary step towards building the largest satellite network that will bring high quality and high speed Internet to each earthling.

Good luck, Elon! We’re keeping fingers crossed and believe in your grand ideas.

But SpaceX also reported that it would take a few years to complete the construction and make everything work properly. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

So, until that historic moment comes, we should brace ou

My Essay Sample. Are We Born Geniuses? If Not, Can We Become Ones?

My Essay Sample. Are We Born Geniuses? If Not, Can We Become Ones?

If you have already googled the answer to these questions, I’m sure you feel a little frustrated. Half of the articles Google suggested to you stated that “Yes, of course, definitely, we all can make ourselves geniuses if we want to!” The other half of all search results tells you that “No! You shouldn’t even entertain a hope that you can become a genius. You can be born one only. No third is given. Put up with it!”

Well, these ideas may be expressed not so passionately in all those numerous posts. But the fact remains that the almighty Internet doesn’t seem to know for sure whether we are born geniuses or we may have a chance to turn ourselves into geniuses throughout our lives.

That’s good news for you, actually. Whatever your answer will be to those two questions, no one will ever be able to say that it’s inappropriate or wrong.