How to Get Dissertation Fellowships?

Are you currently working on a dissertation, having hard times with all the expenses required for carrying out profound research? Indeed, good research is usually a costly procedure. Even having a lot of money hardly helps, since you may need good laboratory facilities and research instruments which are simply not available in the place where you are working.

This issue has been actively discussed by the world scientific community, and this is the reason why dissertation fellowships appeared. Worldwide famous universities and scientific funds will be glad to offer you a helping hand in case you prove that you aim for hard and diligent dissertation writing with a unique and progressive idea.

What Do You Need in Order to Apply for a Dissertation Fellowship?

The requirements for every grant differ, so it is a must check the detailed application instruction on the official page of the fellowship program you are interested in.

However, in most cases, you are required to have a diploma issued not earlier than 5 years ago, a confirmation that you are fluent in the language that is basic for the grant, as well as a motivation letter explaining why you are the one that should be considered f

What is the IELTS Test and How to Do Well on It?

The IELTS test is difficult to prepare for, not easy to pass, and impossible to forget. Most likely, the individual tutoring will not be enough. So, expert writers of English papers from collected certain tips for a general training exercise that will help you prepare for it even if you are alone with the computer.

What is the IELTS Test and Why Do You Need It?

The IELTS is required if you enter a higher educational institution or immigrate to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Great Britain. This certificate will be useful for you in numerous US and Canadian universities as well.

There are two types of the IELTS test: general and academic. The academic module is required if you are going to study and write scientific papers abroad. Th

What Is Dissertation Research and Its Methods?

may sound intimidating to a first-year student. But there is nothing to fear as long as you know how to conduct your dissertation research. In this article you will find out about the most effective dissertation research methods and how to apply them to your case.

What Is Dissertation Research

In order to compose a smart research dissertation, you should be aware of the ground on which you will build your dissertation. Indeed, you cannot build a strong castle on an imaginary land, and the same goes for the research.

You can start with research dissertation. What are you investigating? What are you trying to prove? What statistics you need to collect in order to scientifically conclude that you are right on the topic? The type of your dissertation defines the best methods that suit you. Ask for some advice from your professor if this might seem hard for you. But remember, everybody started somewhere, and you can succeed too.

Dissertation Research Methods

If your dissertation is a research methodology dissertation, there are a few groups of methods you can choose. Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed ones are t

Examples of English College Essay Topics

Some writers claim that one of the hardest things to do after writing a novel is formulating a good name for it. It should be catchy, on-point, and illustrate the content of their work. Students often have the same problem. However, it often comes before doing any work. The headline of your essay should be an answer to the question what your essay is about. If you are confused or have no idea what to choose, for starters, you can consult this list of English essay topics on our website. For a much detailed guide on how to choose your topic, consult this article.

General Tips on English Essay Topics

Let us give you some general tips and motivations on how to formulate English essay topics correctly and where to start.

Generate Interest

Even if you are writing a short English essay, it is important to be interested in the subject. Find something that you are passionate about, whether it is symbolism in prose or female authors, or science fiction themes. There are no subjects too off-hand, because something that sparks interest gives you force and motivation to continue, lets you discover something new and pushes you to get academic knowledge. Read books about it, write a list of things that interest you, find something specific that you enjoy.

Make It Narrow

No matter how much you want to write about “great authors of the 20th century”, this English topic is wide enough for a few encyclopedias. There are many authors who wrote in this period of time, in different countries, not only in E

How to Compose a Research Paper in High School

Even though high school writing tasks can be plentiful during those short learning years, once in a while comes a project that requires in-depth research. These types of projects are not just to be written quickly and forgotten. You really have to sweat on them, look for sources and evidence of your facts. Nonetheless, they give immense satisfaction when they are finished and you can proudly say that you have investigated the topic thoroughly. So how to proceed with your research? Learn with this article.

General Tips

When you think about doing a research project in high school, you need to hit green button on four criteria. Let us examine them together.

Available Information

Do some prior research to see if this topic has enough resources. You may be really passionate about snakes in Swedish forests, but will there be enough materials to read on it in your high school library? You do not have to collect all material on the topic. A quick Google search will provide you with the necessary information on how many sources you can actually use.

Personal Interest

Nothing gets done quicker if there is personal involvement and interest in research. Even when you are considering research paper ideas for high school, you still can find something that makes your eyes sparkle. Do not thin

Does a Higher Education Mean a Cheaper Life?

Does a Higher Education Mean a Cheaper Life?

Students enter higher education institutions every year. Most of them hope that a higher education will help them get a well-paid job and very soon become rich. But is it really so? This essay provides some facts and will help you build your own point of view on this controversial question. Here are the points that you will not find in cheap essays or essays available for free, unless the former are custom-written by our expert.

Generally Accepted Image of Education

The notion of education has always been associated with success and prosperity. It is like a detail of a great mechanism, called society. Educated people are always believed to be successful and productive workers. A degree appears to matter too. The higher degree you obtain, the better opportunities for self-realization you have. If you get a Bachelor’s degree, you will have the clue to financial success in the future.

The Value of a Degr